We can help you to improve on these areas
The essentials


What you need to know about IP to effectively leverage it in your role.

  • Executive/Management
  • Technologists
  • Marketing
WHat you need


The tools you need to create, manage and monitor IP.

  • Internal systems
  • Managing service providers
  • Document templates
the big picture


How to use IP to best support your organisation's goals.

  • IP types & my business
  • Defence vs Offence
  • How much & where to spend
The Essentials


We can provide training for your organisation to best suit your needs at the organisational and individual level. Just take a look at how everybody's needs may be different here.

The navigator


For management of organisations and IP, a broad view of IP is required to guide the team and the organisation at a strategic level.

The inventor


Engineers and scientists need to know to identify the potentially valuable IP that they have created, and be aware of others' landmines.

The Communicator


Branding strategies and communicating with consumers these days rely on an effective trademark strategy.



Would tools like these help you to manage your workload, IP assets and plan ahead?

IP Databases

Manage Critical Tasks
Task database with email reminders for no more surprises
High-Level Asset Overview
Get a bird's eye view of your IP families in seconds
Drill-down Views and Reports
Get a full view of all your IP assets in as much details as necessary.

IP Cost Estimator

Do you know next year's projected cost for your organisation's IP? What about in three years, at the current rate of growth? What if you could instantly get cost estimates for different strategic options?

Third Party IP Databases

Setting up an effective database for an IP portfolio doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Take a look at this demo database, which was set up by us in less than a day using a leading cloud software provider.

the big picture


We provide consulting and workshops to get to know you, and following up to help you align your corporate strategy with IP strategy, including budgeting, technology landscaping and directions.

Get to your IP success
IP doesn't have to be an expensive black box - we can help your IP work for you, not the other way around.
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