Insights from patent data

Our mission is to extract & deliver actionable intelligence hidden in patent data.

Content-based patent analytics


Hindsights’ AI-based patent analysis engine analyses, conceptualises and organises patents to help deliver key insights hidden in large patent data sets.


Click HERE to see our demo report analysing over 30,000 US patent applications.



Hindsights’ proprietary patent analysis engine employs cutting-edge language processing and machine learning tools to analyse and extract key concepts from individual patents.


Patents are grouped into clusters based on analysis outputs, allowing generation of meaningful insights and exploration of large patent data sets.


Our suite of visualisation and reporting tools distill complex and dense patent data to efficiently and effectively deliver invaluable insights to you.

Competitor analysis reports

Do you have a good understanding of your competitor’s patent portfolio, how it stacks up against yours, and where the relative strengths and weaknesses are? Which technology sub-sectors are emerging, or becoming outdated? 

We can help.

Get key signals, early.

Publication of a patent application is often the very first indicator of shifts in competitor strategies, or new technology trends. We can deliver outputs of our analyses straight to your inbox as a part of regular updates. 

Don’t wait for weeks or months for analyses of new patent publications.

Spot technology trends

We can show you what trends may be emerging or on the decline in particular patent portfolios, or even broad technology sectors. Get ahead of the competition.

Big patent data, demystified.

Whether you are looking to infer your competitors’ R&D strategies, overall industrial trends or looking for analysis of individual patents, we can help.