Easy, fast patent data analytics

Technology landscapes and high-level risk assessments
for start-ups or analysts

Effective, efficient analysis through AI 

Hindsights’ patent analysis engine leverages NLP (natural language processing) and AI tools to generate consistent technology analysis reports at speed.

We offer custom reports prepared to your specifications, or standard industry, company or competitor reports that you can simply purchase from us. 

Click HERE to see our catalogue of available reports including demo reports for you to browse through. If you would like to commission a report which is not yet in our database, please contact us.


Hindsights’ proprietary patent analysis engine employs natural language processing and machine learning tools to analyse and extract key concepts from individual patents.


Patents are grouped into clusters based on analysis outputs, allowing generation of meaningful insights and exploration of large patent data sets.


Our suite of visualisation and reporting tools distill complex and dense patent data to efficiently and effectively deliver unique insights to you.

Early-stage IP risk assessments.

IP risk assessments, especially during early R&D stages can be very difficult due to the sheer volume of patents to be reviewed.

Let us help you organise the results into groups, and drill down to the data, from a bird’s eye view down to trends in data sets and individual patents. 

Technology landscapes.

Would like to see who the key players are in a technology sector? To see what sub-sectors are emerging, or becoming outdated?

Competitor analyses.

See how a competitor’s technology portfolio stacks up against yours, and where the relative strengths and weaknesses are.

Big patent data, demystified.

If you are looking to sort through large volumes of patent data, we can help. Contact us.